Personalise customer interactions with seamless CRM integration

Our recent research showed that customers want to know why you're calling them and where you got their details. And who can blame them? 

There are few things more frustrating than having to repeat yourself in every interaction you have with an organisation. With customer experience top of the list of factors which create consumer loyalty, making your journey as smooth as possible is essential to ensure your customers return again and again.

The information you hold in your CRM is a real-time record of all your customer interactions. Seamlessly integrating your CRM with your contact centre platform enables you to respond in exactly the right way, at the right time, with the right information.

Ultracomms' omni-channel customer contact management platform was designed to help contact centres maximise every single customer interaction. With an open API to make integration with multiple systems or software applications simple inbound and outbound customer contact can be driven by the live data you hold in your CRM.

With automation of the data feed from your CRM to your contact platform, the need for manual cleansing and uploading of data lists is completely removed, freeing up your agents to focus on the important things, like talking to your customers. Your teams only need to use one interface, and because all the data remains qualified and completely up to date, your contact centre can operate with maximum efficiency.

Ultracomms' cloud-based customer contact management platform integrates with all major CRM software applications to provide:

  • Automated real-time data upload from CRM in Ultracomms platform
  • Live monitoring of customer tables enabling real time suppression for dialling e.g. if a customer has opted out
  • Automated data cleansing and uploading
  • More accurate data held, less risk of dialling or contacting out of date records, overall improvement in customer experience, complete compliance
  • Completely seamless extraction and flow of data between CRM and dialler
  • One single interface for customer management
  • Faster loading of data because only relevant information is extracted
  • Reporting from dialling activity – uploaded immediately into CRM
  • Simplified tracking and managing of data with one integrated system
  • A complete overview of the customer journey giving agents access to the full range of customer data

For more information about how you can streamline your contact centre operation with dynamic CRM integration, contact our experts on +44 207 965 0207 or email us at sales@ultracomms.com.

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